is not involved in any kind of financial transactions for deal in house owner and house renter. In case of any kind of financial transaction, the user is requested to conduct the transaction carefully. will not be held responsible if anyone is cheated by any person.

General :

The House owner or agent of any house who posts his/her advertisement to he/she is fully responsible for ensuring that advertising content, text, images uploaded for inclusion on complies with all applicable laws and real content.

Account :

Any person can create an account on All account info should be real. if anyone creates a fake account and verify that as a fake then the account will be permanently disabled in so ensure that all account information is real.

Account Image :

Everyone should add their face image to their profile. This is not compulsory to add images to your profile picture. but if anyone uses they should use their original face images. or image can be deleted anytime, and the account also can be blocked.

Phone Number :

The phone number is the most important information for profile and advertisement also, so this should be also real information. if anyone uses any fake number and verify this number as a fake for this profile or advertisement then the profile and post can be blocked, paid, or non-paid post is the same process for blocking or break any rules.

Email :

Users are required to submit a valid email address before they are allowed to post advertisements. The email address of the User shall not be publicly displayed and other users or agents are permitted to send emails to the User through

Post as an Owner :

If you are the owner of any house and you want to post your ads in then you should follow the rules for publishing your post in

  • Location :

    First of all, you should use a real location for your advertisement by clicking a dropdown menu like the division/district/area. sector number/road number/house number / short address is text written areas so you can write your information in this section. remind that if you use an English font that should be easier in search engines to find your post easily. Write a short address that is not mentioned before in the location section, don't use house no or sector number or road number if you put them before.

  • Basic Information :

    First, choose the month when your house will be ready for rent. then also use real information in other steps. Set a price also for your rent and set it negotiable if you need it.

  • Detail Information :

    There is a big Textarea option you can write about your house in detail. remind that don't use the phone number or any contact info in the description if you use then this info can be lock automatically because of security purposes.

  • Images :

    Try to use clear images for upload. image is not mandatory but an image can attract your renter. and this is necessary for your benefit. but the image should be real. if anyone uses any fake images then the image can be removed with the post. so never use fake images for your post.

  • Google Maps :

    Use google maps to mark your location properly. so that the user can easily find your house by checking our maps view.

  • Contact Details :

    This is the most necessary part of publishing your advertisement. you should use original information in this section. and can verify your contact details in their way and you have to verify your contact details if needs. or your advertisement can't be published.

Cookies :

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